Textile Inventory Software 1.0
It's a complete inventory suite developed in .Net technology, desktop based application, supports multiuser environment and multiple products/items management. its very intuiative and simple robust application. easy method of installation and no need training, its running in number of companies in pakistan of textile industries, 

you can also see software screen shots please Click here 

Manage Greigh Receiving
Manage Dispatch / Gatepass
Manage Invoice/Bill for single and multile orders
Manage Client Statement/Orders
Manage Customer Ledger with opening balance and receive payment
Manage Bank Accounts
View/Print Bank Statement
Manage Customer's Accounts
Manage Products
View All Customer's Stock or CustomerWise
Manage SalesTax Invoice and Print
View/Print Customer Ledger Report / Account Receiveable and post in your bank
View/Print All Customer Ledger Report / Accounts Receiveable and post in your bank
Purchase Dyed Chemicals
Manage Supplier's Account
Manage Supplier's Ledger and Voucher / Accounts Payable 
Manage Users/Role
View Users Log Book
Backup Database instantly and easily


Greigh Receiving
Customer Ledger
All Customer Ledger
Bank Statement
Stock Report

Tools in Developed
C#.Net 3.5
Visual Studio 2008
Microsoft SQL Server 2005
for more information please feel free to email us at  info@alankabootint.com